As our Charity Event themed the BCVIP Fashion Night, scheduled for the 23. 07.2016 gathers more pace, we’ve had a host of musician and artists, Fashion companies, Sponsors signify their interest to be a part of our fund raiser.

Top of the list of musicians are the „Geschwister Hofmann„, a wildly popular and loved duo group, with hit tracks such as „Ich knips den Sommer wieder„, „Und wir fliegen„, „Eviva Espana“ to mention a few. The duo, Anita and Alexandra Hofmann (Geschwister Hofmann) have confirmed their participation at our Event in a bid to ensure Women in Distress (Frau in Not) get the support they need.


Geschwister Hofmann mit Dr. Wroblewska

Geschwister Hofmann mit Dr. Wroblewska


Also performing at the Fashion Night, 2016 are Christof Maybach, Saskia Saegeler, Anke Ams, the Soulful singer Gerti Wittinger and a host of others.

Participants at BCVIP Fashion Night, 2016

Of course, because of the success of our Event last year, Firms and other reputable organizations have signified interest to identify with our objectives, both as Sponsors and Partakers.

The BCVIP Fashion Night promises to be fun filled and exciting with activities lined up such as, the Model’s  Catwalk, where Partaking Fashion Companies have their wears displayed for all to see, which would be adorned by list of high class Models. Models like Nana Schmidt, Manuela- Thoma- Adofo, Romy Stangl, Adelma Agic, Patrizia Pati, Azad Umar, Melicia from the United Kingdom etc.

Master of Ceremony for the day, Tanja Köhler would be moderating the other activities lined up for the day as well as cracking us up with jokes.

The BCVIP is an initiative of the Beautyclinic V. I. P. located in Immendingen, aimed at helping Women in Distress (Frau in Not). Our slogan „Zeit Seele und Haut weider zu vereinen“ not only means to „Time to Unite the Soul and Body for whole living experience“ but also Time to Unite Hopes and Dreams of Women the World over, to make them live and believe again.

Event details

Our Event hopes to raise and donate a minimum of €10,000 to the Frau in Not cause. We are also delighted to tell you that BCVIP Fashion Night would be coming to Hamburg, Berlin and other cities soon.

For more information about Pricing, Sponsor and the Event in General, pls do not hesitate to write or give us a call.


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