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For your beauty and well being.

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Beauty with System

Our knowledgeable staff know the optimum according to your wishes for you and treatment choices to promote their well-being.

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Our Treatments

We have a large range of treatments for your beauty and well-being. All treatments are carried out by our competent staff.
The promise we will.

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Our Events

Handing over the donations of Model Night Immendingen from 26.09.2015 to representatives of the Association Women’s Shelter Tuttlingen

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A Gala special organized Katharina Wroblewska, dermatologist and owner of Beauty Clinic VIPImmendingen and Hautarztpraxis in Spaichingen, on Saturday, July 23 in the Upper Castle and the Danube Hall in Immendingen.

(Quelle: www.schwaebische.de)

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BCVIP, Fashion Night, 2016

On 07/23/2016 the Beauty Clinic VIP Immendingen organized a fashion show for about 500 guests, including celebrities from the national and international fashion scene and business people and companies in the region, the Upper Castle in Immendingen. The aim of the event is to support social projects for women in distress.

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What we offer:

Our goal is your satisfaction. We have many years of experience and can you therefore offer the best treatment for skin, nails and face.

Our staff works as a team. Each individual is competent and trained in his field. We work with heart for your beauty, to provide the perfect service for you.


  • Classic cosmetics 100%
  • Operative Cosmetics 100%
  • Laser, IPL and shockwave treatments 100%
  • Patients contentmen ligand unit 100%

Our workflow


Call us and make an appointment.

Clinic Visit

Visit by appointment and let us advise us by our talented physicians.

Patient Care

We offer you the best treatments and services for their beauty, their wellbeing and their relaxation. Our expert staff give you the feeling of being at home.


You can get information, tips and advice about our services on our blog in advance. If you have any questions, please contact us feel free. We are contacted by phone or via email for you.

Frequently asked questions:

In the treatment of our patients showed that many patients ask the same questions. For this reason, we have a list of questions created to answer the most frequently asked questions in the. This questionnaire also offers the possibility to get tips and advice about their health.

What is done with facelift?

In a two- or multi-layer facelift the skin and the underlying tissue and the muscle layer is tightened.

How long does wrinkle injections?

A wrinkle injection is performed on an outpatient basis and usually lasts for about 30 minutes. including the treatment preparations.

How many applications are needed for the treatment with the fat-away Injection?

Usually rich 2- 4 applications at intervals of 8 weeks.



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